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Celebrate Christmas with a Nile River Cruise – Classic Holidays Blog

Christmas is now just a couple of months away which is a terrifying prospect, isn’t it? Think about it. Would you like to spend another year doing the same old Christmas things or would you like to experience something truly amazing over the festive period?

If you’re inclined towards the latter then a Christmas Nile cruise is perfect for you! Here’s why.

The weather

We’re all used to freezing cold Christmases one year and then sodden Christmases the next – it’s enough to drive anyone crazy. With a Nile river cruise, however, you’ll get to enjoy the wonders of Egypt’s far more temperate and comfortable climate.

The days are still reasonably short, going dark at around 5pm. However, the days themselves are more likely to be much warmer and more comfortable than you’ll be used to over the festive period in Britain. Cool breezes are still common though, to stop things from becoming uncomfortable.

The decoration

That time of year is coming again when we all think about making that pilgrimage to the shed or up into the loft, getting covered with dust and inevitably having an argument as we try to untangle last year’s decorations while wishing we’d put them back more tidily.

Why have that, when you can cruise down the Nile at night on a beautifully decorated boat? It’s an experience that you’re never going to forget as the beautiful lights shine in contrast to the inky but clear night sky. You simply have to try it for yourself.

The food

Christmas is a time to enjoy hearty meals and plenty of them, but who is going to do the cooking? And, more importantly, who is going to do the washing up? With a Nile river cruise that doesn’t have to be a discussion because neither of you will have to!

Enjoy some of the most delicious food the world has to offer, from a range of locally sourced specialities through to more traditional festive favourites, all of which are served to you as you slowly navigate your way down one of the most famous rivers in history.

Sunset over the River Nile by Artistic Underground licensed under Creative commons 4

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