Nile cruise

Why Choose A Cruise Over a Traditional Holiday?

Cruising is fast becoming one of the more popular ways to travel and see the world, and for good reason. Unparalleled freedom, luxury and the sheer value for money in terms of what you can see and do on a cruising holiday are 3 of the primary reasons that people are setting sail over staying put – but why should you do it? Is cruising right for you?


Modern cruise ships are the hight of choice – multiple bars, restaurants, entertainment options, spas, gyms, swimming pools and activities will keep even the most hard-to-please people busy all day long. The true beauty in cruising is the peace of mine when travelling with a family, as for many, it’s the first time it’s possible to allow the kids to explore and have fun while you kick back and relax by the pool. Unlike traditional holidays, everyone has the freedom to do what they want, safe in the knowledge that the rest of their family isn’t far away.


Traditional hotels often serve as a place to sleep, eat and very little else. 3-course formal dinners, black-tie gala events, fabulous cocktails bars, these are just some of the amenities and experiences that cruisers can expect on a luxury trip down the Nile. Taking in the sumptuous views of this spectacular part of the world against a backdrop of unparalleled luxury is an experience unlike any other. Setting sail with us can make anyone feel like a celebrity.


Cruising offers an impressive value for money that can’t be matched by traditional hotels when you consider the sheer volume of experiences you’re able to have from one holiday. In what other holiday can you do all of the traveling without leaving your bed, waking up to a new and incredibly exciting location every single morning? Arriving in a new town or city every day, each brimming with new cultures, foods and sights means that a one-week Nile cruise is actually a grand tour of the very best of what the world has to offer.

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