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5 foods you must try on your Nile cruise

They say if you really want to experience the culture of a country you need to experience its cuisine. Egyptian food may not have the international reputation of French or Italian cuisine, but it has a lightness and simplicity that makes its greatest dishes well worth seeking out on your next Nile cruise.

Ful and falafel

Ful medames and ta’ameya have been around for centuries. The original Egyptian fast food, they feature dried broad beans that are soaked and then cooked with oil, garlic, onion and lemon or crushed and shaped into patties that are deep fried. Delicious and nutritious, they’re perfect for vegetarians and vegans and represent a true taste of Egypt – perfect sustenance after a long day’s sightseeing on your 7 night Nile cruise!


This hearty and enticing blend of textures and flavours is often called the Egyptian national dish. It’s the perfect representation of the fertile crescent on a plate with a mix of rice, macaroni, spaghetti, lentils, chickpeas, onions and a rich tomato sauce demonstrating the bounty of Egypt. Topped with chilli and vinegar sauce, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever tasted and absolutely delicious!

Kofta kebabs

Egyptian cuisine has plenty for meat lovers to enjoy with a range of charcoal grilled meats and kebabs. The kofta is popular all over Egypt, although its origins lie in Persia, and the mix of minced lamb and beef plus onions and garlic, herbs like parsley and Middle Eastern spices make this a mouthwatering treat to try during your Nile cruise.


Named for the green leaf used as the basis of this soup or stew, Mulukhiya is found all across Egypt and is one of the most popular dishes. There are plenty of regional variations too, so you may find yourself eating Mulukhiya with rabbit and chicken or fish and seafood during your Nile cruise and stay.

Besarah with Baladi bread

Egyptian cuisine really caters for vegetarians and vegans and this is another example of the truly delicious flavours that can be extracted from simple ingredients like dried beans, green pepper, spices and herbs. This creamy dip is traditionally served with Baladi bread, a tasty and healthy flatbread made from bran and whole wheat.

If you’re excited to discover the secrets of Egyptian cuisine, why not book your next Nile cruise with Classic Holidays? We’ll take you to the heart of authentic Egypt, so contact us today to find out more.

Fava falafel by La.Catholique licensed under Creative commons 4

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