sky view od Egypt city

7 facts you probably didn’t know about Egypt

If you’re planning a river Nile cruise, you’re bound to be looking forward to visiting ancient tombs, enjoying the sunshine and taking in the beautiful scenery. At Classic Holidays we love everything Egyptian and are passionate about this amazing country. We’ve put together these interesting Egyptian facts so you can wow fellow travellers on your amazing Nile Cruise.

  1. Cairo only gets 2.5cm of rain a year

If you want to escape the miserable British weather, then you’re going to love Egypt. With low rainfall all year round, there’s plenty of sunshine for you to enjoy on your Egyptian holiday.

  1. The highest mountain in Egypt is Mount Catherine.

Mount Catherine is 2,629m high and is in the South Sinai Governate.

  1. Ancient Egyptians invented toothpaste

We all know both men and women wore makeup but they also cleaned their teeth! An ancient recipe has been found for ‘a powder for white and perfect teeth’.

  1. 95% of Egypt’s population live in the Nile Valley and the Nile Delta

Though Egypt is a huge country, its population is mainly settled around the river, which you can experience on one of our Nile cruises.

  1. There are over 700 symbols in Ancient Hieroglyphs

When you visit the incredible temples on our Treasures of Egypt Holiday you’ll notice the walls and columns are covered in ancient writing, but the huge range of symbols used is amazing.

  1. Cairo is the largest city in Africa

This huge city is full of interesting markets, amazing restaurants and fascinating sites. Make sure you spend time in this wonderful city with our classic Nile cruise which includes a three night stay in Cairo.

  1. The Ancient Egyptians had three calendars

Inventors of the clock, and amazing mathematicians, the Egyptians were highly skilled at recording time. They had an everyday calendar for farming of 365 days but they also kept a lunar calendar and an astronomical calendar.

Egypt is full of surprises and you’ll love soaking up its history and culture. If you’re planning a holiday in Egypt or a Nile cruise, at Classic Holidays we specialise in luxury holidays to Egypt. Contact us for more information and to book your fabulous holiday now.

Cairo by twiga_swala licensed under Creative commons 4

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