Essentials to pack for your trip to Egypt

If you’ve decided to go to Egypt this year, congratulations! Whether you’re going on a 7-night Nile cruise or plan on staying at a hotel in one of Egypt’s gorgeous cities, here’s a list of 6 essentials to put in your suitcase.

Re-hydration packets

Just in case you over-do it in the sun, bring some re-hydration packets to replace minerals and fluids lost when dehydrated.

A travel adaptor

In Egypt, you’ll need a two-pronged plug with 220 volts. Bring a couple of adaptors to ensure you can use all of your devices.


Avoid squinting all holiday with some UV protection sunglasses.

A hat

Keep your head protected from that hot Egyptian sun with a quality hat, making sure it shades as much of your face as possible.

A mobile phone

Some people don’t like travelling with their phone, but it’s a good idea to have a mobile with you (even a cheap, old one), just in case someone gets lost.

Your passport, Egypt tickets and important documents

Double check and then check again! Forgetting any of these items will be disastrous for your trip. Consider purchasing a quality document holder to keep all of these items safe.

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The Great Pyramid of Giza by Keith Yahl licensed under Creative commons 4

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