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Five things the River Nile is famous for

When you take a Nile River cruise, you will be travelling along a river that has thousands of years of history behind it. The River Nile is one of the most well-known rivers around the world and has its fair share of fame. Here are five things the River Nile is famous for:

1. Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie, the well-known writer, set her book ‘Death on the Nile’ on this river. Her famous detective Hercule Poirot investigates a murder in the exotic setting of the Nile.

Agatha Christie, herself, travelled on a steamer boat along the Nile and this is what gave her the inspiration to write the book. You just never know what inspiration you will find while on the River Nile.

2. Pyramids

The most obvious feature the Nile is known for is the Pyramids, which you can see as you cruise along the river. From the Valley of the Kings; home to the burial site of Tutankhamen and Ramses VI to the Sphinx of Giza.

You can visit these as part of a River Nile cruise and experience the ancient civilisation of Egypt for yourself.


The Nile is famous for its Nile crocodiles, which glide along the river looking for food or can be found basking in the sunshine.

The longest crocodiles in the Nile are over six metres long, and can weigh up to 1650 pounds, so be sure to watch out for them when you’re cruising.

4. Being one of the longest rivers in the world

It was once thought that the River Nile was the longest river in the world. It spans 11 countries – Egypt, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Sudan and the Republic of Sudan – and is 6,853 km long. However, in recent years it’s been found that the River Amazon is longer by a tiny bit at 6,992 km.

5.Rosetta Stone

In 1787, the famous Egyptian artefact, the Rosetta Stone, was found in a city called Rosetta. It’s now housed in the British Museum and was instrumental in helping people learn to read Egyptian hieroglyphics, as the same message on the stone was written three times, in three languages, including Ancient Greek which some scholars could still understand.

If you want to take a Nile River Cruise and get to experience some of the wonders of Egypt and the Nile yourself, contact us today or complete a booking form.

River Nile by Simon Skidmore licensed under Creative commons 4

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