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Hidden gems to visit in Egypt

For those who have never travelled to Egypt, a trip to this magical and historical country is often filled with excitement at seeing attractions like the pyramids and the country’s capital Cairo, to name a couple. However, Egypt is home to so many more wonders than you can count, and perhaps one of the best ways to see it all is by choosing a Nile cruise holiday. A Nile cruise allows you to take in everything Egypt has to offer, all from the comfort of a luxury vessel. Egypt is home to so many natural and cultural sights, that you may feel like you need some help planning the perfect itinerary to see it all! That’s where we come in.

At Classic Holidays, our Nile river cruise holidays in Egypt are tailor-made to provide you with an unforgettable experience. But why should you choose to go to Egypt in the first place?

Many people flock to this part of the world to see the Sphinx, Valley of the Temples and even the cities themselves, but did you know about all the other attractions in Egypt that are worth adding to your list?

The Sannur Cave Protectorate

About two hours from Cairo, the Sannur Cave Protectorate is a rare cave formed from natural means. The formation of the cave dates back around 60 million years ago, and is home to stalactites and stalagmites to wonder at. There are still digging operations in place today to discover more of the cave.

The Halaib and Shalatin Triangle

Perfect for the adventurous, this area is home to two major sights. The Wadi Al-Jemal National Park and Elba National Park. The summit of these two areas creates a mist oasis; a completely unique ecosystem that you won’t find anywhere else. Dew, mist and clouds gather at the top while you look across the land at the vast desert.

The Valleys of Maadi and Hulwan:

On the edge of Cairo, there are four rarely visited valleys, with the fourth dubbed as Egypt’s answer to the Grand Canyon. They make for a perfect picturesque location and you might even spot a fossil or two!

Catacombs of Kom Al-Shoqafa

These catacombs might not be a hidden gem as such, but they enhance Egypt’s cultural importance in the world. The catacombs are located in Alexandria and are one of the 7 wonders of the medieval world. They are home to a three-level underground cemetery, featuring a spiral staircase and dozens of chambers. It was only rediscovered in 1892 after years of being lost.

So, next time you’re thinking about a river cruise holiday to a fascinating and exotic destination, don’t forget to consider an Egypt Nile cruise.

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