Hurghada’s nightlife

While Hurghada is known for its snorkelling and natural beauty, it has quite an exceptional nightlife too. There are a great number of clubs and bars in Hurghada that have the most hypnotic atmosphere and wonderful drinks. If you aren’t into clubbing while on holiday, don’t worry as there are other incredible things to do that are more relaxing.

The Luxor Temple at night

Visiting this magnificent temple at night will have you feeling as if you’re in a movie. It is one of the most preserved temples in Egypt with its history going back to approximately 1400 BC and the times of Amenhotep III. The hidden beauty of this temple becomes illuminated with countless lights that transform it into a dazzling jewel in the Egyptian desert.

Bedouin Dinner Tours

When the sun sets there’s no better time than to try the Bedouin lifestyle and immerse yourself in a different culture. You will get the opportunity to try on their clothes, stay in a tent and try lots of different Bedouin cuisines, such as kofta and rice which are all cooked over an open fire. Bedouin coffee is also something you must try, where it is an important symbol of trust and hospitality. Experience all of this while watching an oriental show and traditional songs.

Astronomical Nights

The sky in Hurghada comes alive at night which is lit up with thousands of stars and galaxies, making an astronomical night tour an absolute must. You’ll travel into the heart of the desert and with a telescope, you’ll be able to see the magnificent sky in greater detail.

Desert Safari at night

There’s no better way to explore the Egyptian desert than riding a camel or driving a jeep. You’ll get the opportunity to discover hidden locations and witness the colour of the desert changing as the sun goes down. If you’re able to stay up all night, the sunrise is beautiful to witness.

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Sahara by Simonsezyo licensed under Creative Commons 4.0

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