Important packing tips for a Nile cruise

Egypt is not only known for its rich history but also its beautiful attractions. From the Egyptian pyramids to the temples, tombs, and mummies, you will be able to relish Egyptian culture on a River Nile cruise. To make the most of your trip, here are some items you must pack when visiting Egypt.

Sun protection

The weather in Egypt is fairly sunny throughout the year, but summer months tend to be the hottest, so you must pack sunscreen to protect your face from the heat. A lip balm containing SPF is vital for keeping your lips moist and protecting them from burning. You may also invest in quality UV sunglasses to not only safeguard your eyes but also to easily see the Egyptian sculptures.


Egypt is a conservative country that requires women to dress modestly in certain locations. Women ought to pack pashmina shawls that are useful in covering shoulders and hair when visiting a temple or mosque. Furthermore, pashminas may also protect you from the midday sun and act as a blanket during cold nights.


Most of the Egyptian cruise ships contain swimming pools onboard. Whether you want to relax by the pool and watch the breathtaking sunsets or get relief from the sun, a swimsuit may come in handy. If your cruise is set to dock in Sharm El-Sheikh, ensure that you have your swimsuit handy to enjoy the waters of the sheltered sandy beaches and dive in the famous Ras Muhammad National Park waters.

Walking sandals

Sandals are the ideal shoes to take with you on an Egyptian cruise. Ensure that they have comfortable insoles for you to be able to navigate various terrains comfortably. These shoes may get you through a long day and may not cause blisters on your feet.

Don’t forget the dress code!

Women tourists do not necessarily need to follow a dress code, but they will feel comfortable if they dress modestly, like the Egyptians. You may want to pack maxi dresses, tunics, tops, pants, and cardigans. Men may pack light shorts that stand the hot weather, but they should also have pants to wear in case they visit mosques.

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