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Interesting Facts about the River Nile

It is easy to see why so many Brits are attracted by the option of going on a River Nile cruise. This type of holiday offers luxury and relaxation along with amazing views which are difficult to find elsewhere, due to Egypt’s array of remarkable landmarks and beautiful scenery. The longest river in the world is not just famous because of its length, but the amount of appealing activities around it. At Classic Holidays we specialise in supplying Egyptian holidays and our River Nile packages offer holiday-makers excellent value for money with a wide range of options while they are abroad.

The river itself is approximately 4,160 miles long and flows from high mountains in the middle of Africa right to the Nile delta. Nile derives from the Greek word neilos, meaning river, effectively making this known as River River. It is located in Kenya, Congo, Eritrea, Burundi, Uganda, Rwanda, Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan and Tanzania. Most of Ancient Egypt’s historical sites are found along the banks of this infamous river. Cairo and Luxor are two major cities which have a wealth of tourist attractions and form part of our packages here at Classic Holidays.

There are over 300 species of birds located in and around the River Bile with hippopotamus, wildebeest and baboons also found there along with several other animals. The Nile is a source of vital transportation during the flood season, when travelling on the road is impossible across several areas along the river. With around 149 miles of coastline there are some stunning views and a variety of spots to visit. It is no wonder why this region is popular among Brits each year. With nearly a million British holidaymakers choosing Egypt last year it has a host of attractions which appeal to UK citizens.

For more information regarding our holiday packages, or about the benefits of visiting the River Nile, please contact us by getting in touch today.

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