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Why A Nile Cruise Is The Perfect Late Winter Getaway

We’re finally out of January, and it seems as though longer days and warmer evenings will soon be within our grasp. But we’re not there yet, so if you’re thinking of getting some late winter sun, a Nile cruise is the perfect way to do so, without breaking the bank.

Nile cruise holidays are an exciting way to enjoy both the classic beach holiday and the historical beauty of Egypt. Choose from a 7 night Nile cruise or a 10 or 14 night stopover.

Here are just a few reasons why booking a Nile river cruise should be top of your to-do list:


Egypt enjoys stunning year-long weather, thanks to its hot desert climate. Nile cruises can be enjoyed at any time, but booking from now until April is one of the best times to visit, plus it won’t be too jam-packed with tourists.

Explore the history

Egypt is brimming with history, and a Nile cruise and stay is one of the best ways to soak it all up.

The Treasures of Egypt and Ancient Egypt packages treat you to a River Nile cruise, but allow you to explore the history embedded in Cairo and Luxor, too. Stare in awe at some of the world-famous ancient sights, such as the Valley of the Kings and the Great Pyramids, before heading off to enjoy the sights of Luxor, the Red Sea, the Old Town of El Gouna, and the beautiful beaches of Hurghada.

First-class hotels

You need a first-class place to rest your head at the end of an exciting day, and Nile river cruises are no exception.

During your Nile cruise, you’ll spend most of your getaway on board one of our incredible Egypt cruise ships, complete with a comfortable cabin. However, the majority of our packages allow you to stay for several nights in one of the luxury hotels in either Cairo, Luxor, or resorts located on the striking beaches of the Red Sea. Enjoy wonderful wine, delicious food, and a host of activities.

If you’re looking to book your own Nile cruise, or you want to find out more about our Egypt cruises, simply get in touch.

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