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Love by the Nile: the top romantic places to visit in Egypt

Egypt’s enchanting towns and breathtaking vistas make for excellent honeymoon destinations for couples young and old. From beautiful sunsets over the ancient pyramids to moonlit evenings on the banks of the Nile, Egypt is teeming with romantic undertones to ignite your passion. Couple that with romantic dinners and a stunning Nile cruise and you have yourself a fairytale honeymoon you will treasure forever.

At Classic Holidays, we believe in rich and diverse shared experiences to foster a healthy and loving relationship. With that in mind, here are some of the top romantic places to visit in Egypt.


Topping off our list is the magical city itself, Cairo. The city is shrouded in romantic vibes and is packed with tons of exciting activities for couples. You could spend a lovely evening at the Cairo Opera House, followed by dinner at the Groppi. Or, to get a taste of Egypt’s natural bounty, consider taking a pleasant walk in the tranquil International Park, or better yet, a drive through Kobry Asr El Nil.


The Nile river curves beautifully into this idyllic town tucked away from the bustling urban environs of Egypt. Bathed in the orange and blue hues of the setting sun and the Nile river, Aswan’s dreamlike aura is the perfect backdrop for a romantic evening spent with your loved one. Take a journey to the beautiful Elephantine Island and sip on rich tea while enjoying entertainment from the locals, or enjoy dinner aboard one of the many riverboat restaurants available at Aswan.

El Gouna

Nestled beautifully along the shores of the Red Sea, El Gouna is brimming with warmth and romance. The coastal town stands out for its beautiful resorts and wide range of water activities like windsurfing or scuba diving. Not satisfied? Well, maybe the gorgeous sandy beaches will change your mind. You could also spend some quality time together on a boat tour or relax and unwind at the many spas across El Gouna.

To find out more about one of our Nile river cruises, speak to us at Classic Holidays.

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