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Reasons to look forward to Luxor

The ancient city of Luxor is a popular stop over on many Nile cruises. In this blog, we highlight some reasons you should make sure your itinerary includes this fascinating destination.

The pharaoh’s capital

During their height of power, between the 16th century and 11th century B.C., Luxor was the power hub of the ancient Egyptian kings. What that means today is that you could see the highest concentration of ruins anywhere on your Nile cruise. You can check out the Adfu temple, which is one of the best preserved religious sites situated on the West bank of the Nile. Then there is Kom Ombo Temple, which is dedicated to Sobek, the crocodile god. And don’t forget about the impressive Karnak complex, which is linked to Luxor via an avenue lined with sphinxes.

The best vantage point!

After disembarking at Luxor, you will have the option of taking a hot air balloon ride which offers an amazing panorama of the Luxor area. For those not too keen on trekking around too many historical sites in the sometimes-stifling heat, a hot air balloon can be the perfect way to marvel at this ‘open air museum’. You will have a bird’s eye view to truly appreciate the enormity of Karnak, which holds the distinction of being the largest religious building ever built. Take the balloon ride early in the morning, and you will also experience the breathtaking sunrise over the city.

Contrast to Cairo

While Cairo is a much-enjoyed Nile cruise stop – offering attractions from the Giza pyramids to the Khan el-Khalili bazaar – visitors can find that it is a very different place to Luxor. Away from the hustle and bustle of the capital city, Luxor offers the chance to take a deep breath and truly marvel at some of the most wonderful remains of a lost civilisation. On a Nile cruise, there is no need to choose between the two cities, as both can be seen on your trip. But after experiencing the more commercialised side of tourism in Cairo, Luxor can make for a welcome contrast.

Consider taking in Luxor on your Nile cruise holidays, and absorb the unique atmosphere of a very special world landmark.

Estatua de Ramsés II, Templo de Amón, Luxor, Egipto by Edgardo W. Olivera licensed under Creative Commons 4.0

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