Sharm el-Sheikh

Relax at Sharm El Sheikh

Many decades ago, Sharm El Sheikh was nothing more than a fishing community, but now it has redefined itself as one of Egypt’s most popular beach resorts. With it being hot in the summer and warm in winter, it’s no wonder that tourists come here all year round. Here is a mix of relaxing things to do in this beautiful part of the world.

El Fanar

Relax at El Fanar, a sandy beach that is topped by an old lighthouse and surrounded by rugged cliff faces. Take a paddle in the shallow waters of the calm sea or grab your snorkelling gear to explore the reef further afield, where rays have regularly been sighted. If you fancy something to eat, there is a restaurant nearby serving food and drink, as well as a small spa to unwind in.

Naama Bay

Surrounded by swaying palm trees and a white sandy beach, Naama Bay is the centrepiece of Sharm El Sheikh’s resort life. Whether you’re lying on the beach and soaking up the rays or exploring one of the many shopping areas, you’ll always find something to do. Relax and unwind with a drink in hand and maybe a bite to eat at one of the bars that are overlooking the sandy coastline.

Nabq Protectorate

Named after the oasis that lies within it, Nabq Protectorate is a coastal desert landscape full of arid beauty and home to a mangrove forest. You will find a wide variety of lonesome beaches and arak bushes, with it being one of the country’s most protected wildlife sites. There are also incredible snorkelling opportunities offshore from the beaches there.

Ice Bar

Not what you’d expect to find in Sharm El Sheikh, but Ice Bar is something you have to experience. From the walls to the tables and chairs, everything is made out of ice, even the glasses your drinks are in. Heavy coats and gloves are available upon request so you can enjoy your choice of drink without turning into ice yourself.

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Sharm el-Sheikh by Oleg Magni licensed under Creative Commons 4.0

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