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Take our 5-minute Cairo and Luxor trivia quiz

A Nile cruise is surely one of the best ways to treat yourself to that special holiday. Many of the terrific itinerary options involve staying in some of the amazing hotel choices in either Cairo or Luxor. To find out more about these renowned destinations, here’s a quick trivia quiz. Simply decide whether each of the following six statements is true or false; you’ll then find the answers, with some added detail, below…

  1. Almost 200 million passenger rides are taken each year on Cairo’s metro system
  2. The remains of the ancient city of Thebes are found within the modern boundaries of Luxor
  3. Cairo is actually closer to the Mediterranean Sea than the Gulf of Suez
  4. The Great Temple of Amun, located at Karnak near Luxor, is reckoned to be the fifth largest religious building ever constructed
  5. Al-Azhar University, Egypt’s oldest, was founded more than a millennium ago
  6. Around the start of the 19th century, Thebes was actually the largest city in Egypt


  1. False – the actual figure is around one billion – placing it in the top 20 world’s busiest
  2. True – Thebes was originally known as Waset, and was inhabited over five thousand years. Its ruins were classified as an UNESCO World Heritage Site almost forty years ago
  3. False – but it’s a close-run thing. Cairo is about 120km from the Gulf and around 165km from the Med!
  4. False – it’s reckoned to be the second largest, the main temple covering 61 acres, listing it only behind the 401 acres of Angkor Wat in Cambodia
  5. True – Al-Azhar was founded around 970 as a centre of Islamic learning, and is one of the oldest in the world.
  6. True – at that time the city of Memphis, once capital of Egypt, was its closest rival. Nowadays though, Luxor has a population of around half-a-million, slightly dwarfed by the Cairo metropolitan area with about 19.5 million!

How did you score? Of course, there is so much more to discover about both of these astonishing locations, should you look to visit them as part of an unforgettable Nile Cruise and Stay option.

Fishing Boats on the Nile by dingopup licensed under Creative commons 4

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