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The 5 must-pack items for your Nile cruise

On the cusp between history and leisure, a Nile cruise is one of the world’s great travel experiences, taking in the legendary sights and sounds of Egypt in all its beauty. From majestic World Heritage sites to spectacular sunsets, a river Nile cruise has it all. If you want to make the most of your holiday, here are the 5 must-pack items every traveller needs when they visit Egypt.

Sun protection

The Egyptian sun can burn even in winter, so don’t forget to pack a good factor 50 sunscreen. A lip balm with SPF is essential to keep lips moist and to smooth over your ears to keep them from burning. Add a wide-brimmed, loosely woven hat for cruise chic and some good quality UV sunglasses so you can see the Sphinx with ease.

Made for walking

A Nile cruise is the ideal way to explore this fascinating country, so a pair of walking sandals is essential. Make sure yours offer a good level of support for your ankles, have comfortable insoles and offer a good grip for scrambling across a range of different terrains.

Cover up

Egypt is a conservative culture where women are expected to cover their legs and upper arms whenever visiting a temple or mosque. A pair of light loose linen trousers and a selection of cotton T-shirts will keep you cool and culturally appropriate.

Practical pashmina

A beautiful pashmina is one of the most practical items you can pack when travelling to Egypt. Light enough to carry anywhere it can keep you protected from the midday sun, makes a quick cover up when visiting public buildings, adds a little glamour for the evenings and even doubles as a blanket on those colder nights.

Pack it up

Finally, remember to pack a small and sturdy backpack. This should be big enough to carry your wet wipes, anti-mosquito spray, camera and scarf or pashmina. Make it just large and light enough to take your essentials when you’re out and about sightseeing so you always have everything to hand. If you need more help with additional packing tips, Classic Holidays can help.

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