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Perfect Souvenirs From Your Nile Cruise Holidays

Undoubtedly, your Egypt cruise will be an epic getaway that you will remember for a lifetime; an authentic Egyptian souvenir will consolidate your memories and be treasured forever. Whether the keepsake is for you or for your loved ones back at home, this list will breakdown the top five souvenirs to bring back from your River Nile cruise holiday.

1. Mini pyramids

The real constructions are too big to pack in a suitcase, but many Egyptian souvenir shops will sell miniature replicas of the wonders. If you pick up a mini pyramid as a key-ring, magnet, or figurine, they are sure to remind you of the great memories you made in Egypt.

2. Papyrus scrolls

Made from the Papyrus plant, these scrolls were important to the ancient Egyptians who would document stories and messages onto them in the form of hieroglyphics. A replica papyrus scroll would be the perfect Egyptian souvenir to pick up and many come covered in beautiful artwork that can adorn the walls of your home.

3. Belly dancing costume

Shimmy and roll your hips in this traditional dancing costume. Belly dancing is an ingrained part of Egyptian culture, performed by men and woman as an artistic form of expression. The outfits truly are a sight to behold, available in a variety of colours and styles. Family back at home are guaranteed to be mesmerised by the costume’s sparkly glitter and jingling bells.

4. Jewellery boxes

Unlike any other trinket box in the world, Egyptian jewellery boxes have a geometric design that is reflective of the intricate patterns found in temples and tombs. They could hold pride of place in your bedroom or make a unique gift for any jewellery lover in your household. Why not get a traditional Egyptian amulet to keep in the jewellery box as well?

5. A Nubian hat

Egyptians have an eclectic wardrobe that tends to feature a lot of colour; a notable piece of clothing (traditionally worn by men) is a Nubian hat. These rounded hats offer a unique way to keep the sun off your head and their bright colours are bound to attract a lot of attention.

The souvenirs are sorted, now it’s time to start planning your River Nile trip. Contact a member of our team to start your adventure.


Canopic jars by Dale Gillard licensed under Creative Commons 4.0

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