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Top 3 Benefits of a Nile River Cruise

The ocean cruise has ruled the hearts of travellers all over the world for many years. However, the tourism tides are changing and now river cruises are becoming one of the most popular ways to travel. Intimate riverscapes are now a must-see on many travel itineraries. There are many benefits of choosing a Nile river cruise, but here are Classic Holiday’s top three.

Unpack once

If you are looking for a holiday that covers a number of different destinations, you are guaranteed to quickly grow tired of unpacking and re-packing your suitcase. Even a high percentage of ocean cruise ships will have long stop overs that require you to get off and on again. With a Nile river cruise, you only have to unpack once. This allows you to really get comfortable on your boat and enjoy the space created in your private cabin.

Luxurious accommodation

Nile River cruise ships are famous for providing hotel quality on-board. The accommodation provided on the Classic Holiday’s Nile river cruises are always rated five stars. This means that you can really give yourself a luxurious treat. You will usually be provided with a room that will have fantastic views of an ever changing landscape. With plenty of facilities on board, you will enjoy every minute just as much as you will enjoy going on excursions. With mouth-watering cuisine, fantastic entertainment and a number of different recreational activities – you are guaranteed to enjoy your stay as your float down an iconic river such as the Nile.

A new destination every day

River cruises are a travel trend that is truly here to stay. There’s no need to wait days and days at a time to reach a great destination. For the most part, some of the best destinations in the world are based along the world’s greatest rivers. In Egypt especially, you will be treated to an iconic, historic destination on a day to day basis. After a good night’s sleep to refresh yourself, you will arrive virtually on the door step of each new destination. In some places you will spend a day, in others you will stop for a few hours at a time. Either way you are guaranteed to make the most of the time you spend abroad with a Nile river cruise.

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