karnak temple in luxor

Top 4 Things to do in Luxor

It is no surprise that Luxor is regarded as the world’s greatest open air museum, thanks to the incredible sights throughout the former Ancient Egyptian capital. With various breathtaking views and several popular destinations for tourists to gaze at in amazement this is a must-see region for travellers. Some areas will seem quite surreal due to the vast history of ancient ruins, but that’s not all. Other attractions include typical touristy events at night time which have a relaxed but vibrant atmosphere. Whatever you plan on doing it could be a rush to tick everything off your list. With a wealth of options during the day and night, tourists are recommended to waste little time when they arrive.

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Luxor Temple

This is close to the infamous River Nile and was completed by Tutankhamun. It is the largest religious site in the world and is near the Valley of the Kings – where Tutankhamun’s tomb was found. This place is etched in history and understandably attracts people from all over the globe each week. In the middle of the town it is a great place to visit in the day or night. We recommend visiting in the evening, though, when it is cooler and fewer people are around. To avoid queuing in the intense heat this may be your best option. For those eager to capture their travels on camera they will not be disappointed by the photo opportunities here.

Valley of the Kings

If you are interested in experiencing where the ancient pharaohs were buried then head to the Nile’s west bank. Rulers were well stocked with all the goods they might need in a future life, such as treasure, furniture and clothing. Food and drink was also provided and this is fascinating to witness. Tours open at 6am – so expect a flurry of visitors whatever time you visit here. Although the crowds will be large, this should not put anyone off seeing these incredible tombs.


Thought to be the largest religious building around, the temple of Karnak was constructed over 2,000 years ago and covers around 200 acres. It has the largest room over any religious building across the globe and its sanctuary, kiosks and obelisks all are dedicated to the Theban gods. Of course, there is a lot of ground to cover here, but we are certain you’ll be wowed by what Karnak has to offer.

Kings Head Pub

No, it isn’t the public house down the road, this English style pub serves food and drink along with live music and other events throughout the night. This gives British tourists a taste of home while they are abroad. For traditional Egyptian qualities you can visit the Cocktail Sunset bar which is positioned on the River Nile. It is open throughout the day and night and has a lively atmosphere which we are sure you will love.

For more information about the benefits of visiting Egypt please contact a member of our team at Classic Holidays. Get your dream cruise today and experience all that Luxor has to offer.

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