El Gouna - Egypt

Top things to see and do in El Gouna

El Gouna is a modern resort town which offers its holiday guests plenty of thrilling things to experience. Here are the top things to do while in El Gouna.


El Gouna offers excellent kitesurfing conditions, to such an extent that global kiting competitions have been held in this beautiful resort. Due to El Gouna’s ideal kitesurfing conditions for international competitors, given its calm waters and sunny weather, it is also the best place to learn how to kitesurf if you are a beginner. It doesn’t matter your age or experience as El Gouna has several multilingual kitesurfing centres so there’s a plethora of choice.

Sliders Cable Park

Sliders Cable Park is the first of its kind in Egypt and offers a fun day for those who enjoy waterskiing and wakeboarding while being pulled by a cable. The park has rides for beginners as well as two regular cables for the more skilled, with obstacles available for people to perform varied tricks. There’s also a beach volleyball area, a swimming pool and a restaurant where guests can enjoy delicious food and a drink at the bar.


El Gouna’s diving centres offer a complete range of diving education, from beginner to professional level. There are tailor-made diving courses for children and also a snorkelling program. Some of the centres offer diving for people with physical disabilities so everyone gets the opportunity to explore the different types of colourful fish and coral that live in the Red Sea.


Even the fussiest eater will find something that suits their taste in El Gouna, as the town has over 100 bars and restaurants. Many of the restaurants offer international cuisine as well as local foods and delicacies. Many hotels have restaurants in them but make sure to go out at least once so you can sample some of the delicious food the town has to offer.

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El Gouna – Egypt by tedge__ licensed under Creative Commons 4.0

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