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What to Bring on your Egyptian Trip

Aside from the obvious items needed to combat the sun, there are other things needed when you make the trip to Egypt. It goes without saying that you should be bringing sunglasses, sunscreen and a suitable hat with you on your travels to this beautiful African nation. This remains the same whether people are exploring the city or want to relax by the pool, but there are other important things to remember. At Classic Holidays we are knowledgeable about the main areas of Egypt so can give credible advice to people eager to fly there.

Hand Sanitiser

This product is widely available – in almost every chemist or big supermarket out there – and the fact it can fit in your pocket makes it even more useful. It will not take much space in your luggage, but it can make a large impact in preventing you from picking up any illnesses while you’re abroad. This should be used before and after handling food. Other occasions include after going to the bathroom as well as handling cash. It may seem a bit forward-thinking, but you will be glad it was packed for your holiday.

Bug Spray

This is something else you can bring from home and will prevent itching and discomfort during your holiday. After spending a significant fee and going during your free time there is nothing worse than feeling miserable on your planned trip. Therefore, packing bug spray can prevent you from getting annoyed by the various insects around.

Rehydration Sachets

Although this won’t result in an award-winning drink that tourists are eager to order, the salts contained in the sachets shall replace fluids lost through dehydration. It is a good idea to bring some of these with you as temperatures reach way over 30 degrees in the summer. For more information about Egypt feel free to look at our packages at Classic Holidays today.

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