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What to pack for a cruise on the River Nile

When planning for an exciting holiday, it is sometimes so easy to get caught up in thinking about sightseeing and new experiences that the more practical aspects of holiday planning get put to one side. In this blog post, we’ll aim to make packing for your River Nile cruise experience a little easier, with a few packing necessities and some ideas you might not even have thought about.

Pack for the weather

The clothes you pack for your time on board will vary wildly depending on whether you’ve chosen a Nile cruise and stay in the winter or summer months. Many people assume that this part of Africa will be hot all year round but that simply isn’t the case – in the winter nights upon the Nile will be surprisingly cold, so if your cruise is departing at this time of year remember to bring a jumper and thicker trousers. In the summer, however, temperatures will remain balmy, with even the night-time temperatures bottoming out in the 20s. We recommend bringing along clothing made of loose, natural fabrics such as cotton and linen that will allow your skin to breathe.

More specific travel essentials

When prepping for your Egypt cruise adventure, it’s good to have in mind that this is a more conservative country, so don’t bring vests and shorts that expose too much skin. These items of clothing will, of course, be OK when onboard the cruise ship, but for visiting religious sites make sure you cover up with shawls and longer trousers/dresses.

Prepare for exploration

It’s likely that during the course of your cruise there may be some walking to do, so make sure you’ve brought some clothing that you feel comfortable moving around in. Please also remember the importance of bringing along some sensible footwear – walking shoes are a great idea for walking through the desert, but can get a bit hot in the summer months. Walking sandals are a great middle-ground, offering support for the feet whilst letting in plenty of air.

As you’ll be travelling on the river, another must-have is plenty of mosquito repellent. Some travellers even buy special mosquito-repellent bracelets to help them avoid these nasty insect bites.

If you’re fascinated by the idea of Nile river cruises but haven’t yet booked yours, visit to get started. We’ll be happy to help you begin putting together the holiday of your dreams today!

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