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Where to dine in Luxor

An authentic Egyptian experience awaits you as you explore this ancient and magnificent Egyptian city. Challenge yourself with what you eat whilst exploring – you’ll have earned it after learning about the city’s ancient past and seeing the sights. Here are the best places to dine in Luxor for the best Egyptian and Arabic food.

Sofra Restaurant

This atmospheric restaurant situated in Luxor’s captivating old town is housed in a delightful townhouse and spreads itself over several floors. For breath-taking views across the city, head to the roof terrace for drinks and coffee – although note that no alcohol is served which is in keeping with many restaurants in Egypt. The menu is awash with Egyptian dishes including Ful Mudammas and Koushari. The staff at Sofra are heralded for being friendly, attentive and providing you with a wonderful Egyptian experience whilst dining.

Al-Sahaby Lane Restaurant

Similarly situated is Al-Sahaby Lane which has a rooftop terrace perfect for soaking in an Egyptian sunset. It has a great view of the Nile but it isn’t the setting which draws people to Al-Sahaby Lane restaurant, it is the food. There is a mix of Arabic and Egyptian food available including tahini, baba goulash and Feteera. It is an oasis within a bustling Egyptian city. Al-Sahaby Lane (along with Sofra) is within walking distance of the Temple of Luxor, making it the perfect place to rest after an afternoon of exploring.

Aisha Restaurant

Providing an authentic Egyptian experience is Aisha Restaurant. The menu consists of authentic local cuisine with great vegetarian options. This family-run restaurant benefits from excellent service, a delicious menu filled with many options and the prices are extremely well-priced. It is the mix of locals and tourists, that give it a real friendly feel where customers can enjoy their Turkish coffee and delicious food.

Western Desert trip out from Luxor 2012 by Wallace Howe licensed under Creative commons 4

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