Palm's double "V"

Why Hurghada is a city of culture

Egypt has had a colourful history and varied press about its safety concerns. The reality is that Egypt is a warm and safe place in many areas. For example, Tahrir Square: the site of much of its colourful history and which only covers a small part of Cairo. An impressive city with a total population of over 18 million, Cairo is a great place to start our Nile Cruise.

The third largest city in Egypt is the haven of Hurghada. Offering tranquil beaches and fantastic diving opportunities, Hurghada guarantees great weather year round and aboard one of our River Nile Cruises, you can expect to see the sun sink slowly into a vibrant blaze of neon on the horizon as you sip on our luxury drinks.

Starting its life as a languid fishing village, Hurghada is now one of the most popular scuba spots in the whole of Egypt. In the last two decades, the city has seen significant investment making it a popular choice for winter sun seekers. As a result, it is now one of the most popular places to stop on our Egypt cruises and offers quite exciting nightlife. Fortunately, the relaxed walk through Hurghada’s Al-Mahmeya national park transports guests right back to its ancient past, offering peace and picturesque views.

Ambling around the winding streets of El Dahar, Hurghada’s downtown old city, you get a real hint of its Bedouin past. Colourful festivals whirl around the streets in bright hues, mimicking those of the pervasive river. Just scratching the surface a little bit, an echo of the Bedouin past is carried on the winds of culturally rich poetry recitals, ancient sword dances and effervescent characters. The modern Bedouin communities hold workshops, bestowing their traditional crafts such as making and playing instruments. These always entice guests with their dynamism and primal beats.

Boasting its own airport and excellent transport links, Hurghada is a vibrant and essential part of a Nile cruise, which leaves you with a taste of old Egypt by day and keeps you busy at night.

Palm’s double “V” by atomicforcemicroscope licensed under Creative Commons 4.0

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