The Coloured Canyon

Why visit the Coloured Canyon?

When you stay in a luxury resort in Sharm El Sheikh, then there are many things to fill up your time. You’ll want plenty of opportunities to relax by the pool, for a start. But it’s worth exploring a little further afield.

The Coloured Canyon is one visitor attraction that you’ll want to add to your itinerary. You can enjoy a safari tour, even being picked up from your hotel in Sharm El Sheikh, as part of your Nile cruise holiday.

Where is the Coloured Canyon?

It takes around two hours to drive from Sharm El Sheikh into the Coloured Canyon.

Why visit the Coloured Canyon?

The Coloured Canyon is as beautiful as it sounds. You can walk through this awe-inspiring rock formation, enjoying the wonderful natural sunset colours spread over 800 metres.

The Coloured Canyon is made up of sandstone walks, through which you can walk on narrow paths.

Is the Coloured Canyon an attraction for all?

Everyone can enjoy the incredible sight of the Coloured Canyon, which at times stands over 40 metres tall. However, people with limited mobility may struggle in areas where climbing is necessary. You will also need to be able to walk, to make your way around the Coloured Canyon. At times, the paths are no more than 1 metre wide.

What should you take to the Coloured Canyon?

You’ll want to take your camera! This is a beautiful and rare sight, well worth a spot in your photo album.

Also, make sure that you’re travelling with plenty of refreshments. You’ll be hiking in the hot sun, and though it’s a short hike with relatively smooth paths you’ll need to keep up your energy. Pack plenty to drink, and a snack or two.

Most tours including transport from Sharm El Sheikh will provide some drinks for the journey, but you will want to be well-stocked for after you’ve left the vehicle.

Travel as light as possible, with a professional tour group that will have additional supplies. Once you’ve finished your tour of the Coloured Canyon, you can relax on the way back to your Sharm El Sheikh hotel.

The Colored Canyon الأخدود الملون by Hossam el-Hamalawy حسام الحملاوي licensed under Creative Commons 4.0

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