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  1. 12 FREE Excursions included (No Hidden Extras)

    • Valley of the Kings
    • Valley of the Queens
    • Karnak Temple
    • Aswan High Dam
    • Temple of Hatshepsut
    • Colossi of Memnon
    • Luxor Temple
    • Temple of Medinat Hatu Temple

    • Esna
    • Temple of Philae
    • Boat trip around Elephantine Island
    • Kom Ombo Temple
    • Abu Simbel (optional)
    • Unfinished Obelisk
    • Hot Air Baloon (optional)
    • Sound and Light Show (optional)

  2. deck of a cruise ship

    For centuries travellers have been fascinated by the mystical allure of the Nile. A relaxing cruise in luxurious surroundings, alongside Egypt's many archaeological wonders, provides the perfect combination for an unforgettable holiday. Depart from the banks opposite the Luxor Temple, through the infamous Valley of the Kings. Explore the best of Egypt's land of the living until moving South to Esna to the sacred places of worship for the ram-headed god and to the Temple of Edfu. Explore Aswan, the perfect blend of contemporary commercial hub and archaeological beauty; visit the landmark that represents them both, at the Aswan High Dam and then onto the tranquillity of Elephantine Island and the Botanical Gardens on General Kitchener Island. Begin the return journey, visiting the falcon God and then onto the Luxor Temple and the Karnak Temple.

  3. Day 1: Luxor — valley of the Kings

    Transfer from Luxor International Airport to the Cruise Boat. Dinner will be served on board and overnight in Luxor on the banks of the Valley of the Kings.

  4. People relaxing at river bank in Luxor City of Egypt

    Day 2: Luxor — Esna — Valley of the Kings to The Temple Of Hatshepsut

    After an early breakfast, visit the West Bank including the Colossi of Memnon, Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens, burial sites for many of the most powerful and successful pharaohs and high priests. The Temple of Hatshepsut and Medinet Habu Temple. Lunch on board as the boat sets sail to Esna. Dinner on board with an overnight in Esna.

  5. Day 3: Esna — Kom Ombo — Aswan — Temple of Khnum

    Breakfast on board and morning visit of the Temple of Khnum at Esna. The temple is dedicated to the ram-headed god Khnum, who was patron god of cataract. He is said to have fashioned mankind from Nile clay on a potter's wheel. We continue our journey south to the Temple of Edfu for a brief stop before lunch and sailing to Aswan and overnight.

  6. Day 4: Aswan — Aswan High Dam

    After breakfast visit the High Dam in Aswan, built in 1960-1971 to provide electricity to the villages along the Nile, the Unfinished Obelisk and the Temple of Isis on Philae Island. Lunch on board. In the afternoon is free time on board or to stroll into Aswan city centre for shopping. Dinner on board and overnight in Aswan. *Optional evening sound & light show priced at approx. GBP 25pp.

  7. Abu Simbel Temples An ancient site built by Rameses II

    Day 5: Aswan

    Optional early morning visit to Abu Simbel by air or road (priced at approx GBP 95pp by road or GBP 270pp by air). After a day of contemporary indulgence and exploration, visit the impressive ancient site built by Rameses II to show his strength and power. Abu Simbel stands on the bank of Lake Nasser. Spend your afternoon a relaxing and enjoyable boat trip around Elephantine Island and sail to the Botanical Gardens on General Kitchener Island. Dinner and overnight in Aswan.

  8. Day 6: Aswan — Edfu

    Morning at leisure. Lunch on board and set sail to Kom Ombom to visit the temple. This temple, unlike many others in Egypt, was dedicated to two gods; the Southern section is dedicated to Sobek, the crocodile headed man, god of fertility, and the Northern section to the Falcon headed god Horus. There is also a fascinating crocodile museum to visit with many artefacts and mummified crocodiles. Set sail to Edfu and overnight

  9. Carved Statues of Luxor Temple

    Day 7: Luxor — Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple

    Breakfast on board and sail to Luxor, back to the banks of the Valley Of The Kings, the burial site of some the most famous Pharaohs. In the afternoon visit the East Bank and Luxor Temple. Originally, the Luxor temple was joined to Karnak by a long avenue of Sphinxes, many of which are still able to be seen today. Followed by a visit to the world's largest open air museum known as Karnak, which covers a large area of land and includes several temples, the largest of them being the Temple of Amun. Overnight in Luxor.

  10. Day 8: Luxor

    Breakfast followed by checkout and transfer to Luxor international airport. Optional Balloon flight excursion at sunrise priced at approx. GBP 100pp.

    Please note: the order or content of your River Nile cruise itinerary may be amended due to lock closures, low water levels or any other unforeseeable circumstances.

    Traditionally, a tip is expected at the rate of £5 per person per night which includes coach drivers, bell boys, housekeeping staff, engine crew and bar/restaurant staff. Tipping is not compulsory. Additional tipping is not expected.

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