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The Grand Egyptian Museum: A must-see attraction in Egypt

Egypt offers a rich tapestry of vibrant cultural sites, relaxing resorts, and must-see attractions. Now, a new coming location is on the verge of opening in the form of the Grand Egyptian Museum. In showcasing many exciting and inspiring Egyptian artefacts, the museum is sure to inspire tourists with a sense of awe and amazement as they peruse the exhibits.

The Grand Egyptian Museum is all set to be the new gem in Egypt's sparkling crown. With the opening now imminent in June 2021, many people are eager to travel to Egypt to visit this new Cairo museum.

You may have many questions about what is on offer at the Grand Egyptian Museum, so here is a peek behind the scenes.

What kind of exhibits can I see at the Grand Egyptian Museum?

With various artefacts displayed in an imposing new building, you will be treated to a feast of ancient relics at this unique museum. Packed with all the cultural heritage you could wish for, there is a lot on offer to explore.

Artefacts from Egypt and the ancient world

Housing not only some of Egypt's most beloved treasures, but this Giza museum will also showcase some of the most awe-inspiring gems from the rest of the ancient world. In total, more than 50,000 artefacts will be on display, offering a selection for the whole family to enjoy and appreciate.

King Tut's collectables

As one of Egypt's most defining Pharaohs, there will be a whole host of exhibits dedicated to King Tutankhamun. They will display the Golden King’s collectables across two vast halls in 105 showcases. The relics will be on show in the same order they were discovered by Howard Carter in 1922.

A rich history of Egypt

However, the exhibits will not be solely limited to King Tut as there will also be stunning statues of King Ramesses II, Sekhmet, and Seti II on show. You will also be able to view the fantastic pink granite portrait of Ramses IV.

The main galleries are arranged into pre-dynastic, Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, New Kingdom, and Greco-Roman sections. There are also various themes running through each gallery, including religion, Kingship, and each kingdom's wider societies.

One of the museum's grandest parts to visit will undoubtedly be the Great Staircase, which is set to display numerous sculpted 3-D statues of ancient Egyptian kings. This part of the museum will be divided into four sections. The first section focuses on how Kings were sculpted in ancient Egypt, with the second section focusing on the ancient King's religious practices. In the third sector, you will be able to learn about the King's relationships with their gods before moving onto the final part, which illustrates the mummification process.

Colossal greeting

One of the most amazing sites that visitors will be treated to is the colossal 83-ton statue of Ramesses II. The huge statue, which arrived at the museum in 2020, made its journey in the company of eleven horsemen in military dress. As the statue arrived at the museum, the Egyptian national anthem was played in its honour. Ramesses II was a ruler of the 19th dynasty of Egypt and is also known as Ozymandias. Measuring more than nine metres in height, the awe-inspiring sight will greet visitors with a taste of some of the wonders that will be to come as they explore the eclectic exhibitions in the museum.

Awe-inspiring architecture

Previously, at Cairo's Egyptian Museum, it was possible to see one-third of all of Egypt's artefacts, but they will now be housed at the new Grand Egyptian Museum. Designed to mirror the nearby ancient pyramids, even the museum itself is a work of modern architectural amazement. With large windows, vast sprawling halls and intricate staircases, the building itself will inspire a deep level of appreciation. The new Giza museum is set over 500,000 square metres. The impressive vaulted ceilings make the building look even bigger and more imposing.

Through the huge panoramic windows of the Grand Egyptian Museum you can gaze at the pyramids of Giza, which are one of the wonders of the ancient world. The pyramids showcase the ancient Egyptian world's incredible technical ability. The amazing view of the pyramids offered by the museum is part of its wider charm and allows an insight into the life of the ancient Egyptians in practice. The GEM truly is a museum with a view!

3-D cinema

One of the star attractions in the museum is set to be the amazing 3-D cinema that will allow children and adults alike to enjoy ancient Egypt brought to life on the big screen. It is thought that the large 250 seat cinema will play educational features documenting lifestyle and culture during Egypt's historic age as well as cartoons that will appeal to the little ones. The 3-D aspect of the cinema will make it fun and interactive as well as educational, especially for younger visitors, and allow them to appreciate and understand life, power, and history in ancient Egyptian times.

Children's museum

For families with younger children, the children's centre within the heart of the museum is likely to pique your interest. This section of the museum is going to be full of educational and fun activities that will keep youngsters entertained. It is intended to be a space for children to learn, experience and create as they dabble in hands-on activities and workshops. Intended to promote cultural enrichment, the area will provide games for the children so they can learn through play. There will also be laboratories and virtual galleries to catch their attention.

The children's section will be home to around 1500 artefacts and is specifically intended to be a star attraction for young families, parents and teachers who want to help children learn about life in ancient Egypt at a level that will suit them. The area is split into two different sections aimed at younger children and older children respectively. For younger children, there will an opportunity to explore Egypt in miniature, with a recreation of the pyramids and the Sphinx. Older children will be treated to a recreational room with a cinema. They will also be able to have fun in the laboratory and explore some practical activities from ancient Egyptian times. Kids will adore getting to try their hands at writing on papyrus and and recreating the production of terracotta objects.

For parents who need a little time to themselves to explore the museum, there are also dedicated childminding services that can be found in the children's centre.

Conference centre

The conference centre is designed to enrich the cultural, intellectual and recreational experience of tourists who visit the GEM. It is likely to host both internal and external events including theatre performances, dance shows, educational conferences, musical concerts and much more. The auditorium contains 1000 seats allowing for lively and interactive shows and special events that will prove a great treat for tourists.

Centre for special needs

With an ethos of inclusively, the Special Needs Centre is primarily focused on encouraging participation for everyone. It is designed to empower visitors with disabilities by helping them overcome any challenges they may face by helping them to enjoy some of the vast array of activities on offer in this part of the museum. It is intended to be an interactive and cognitive centre for activities that will allow participants of all ages to get hands-on with a variety of culturally enriching pursuits. Balancing a combination of fun and learning, this is intended to be a celebration of learning without barriers.

How did the museum get started?

The museum's initial origins can be traced back to the start of the 21st century when the Egyptian government announced a global competition for someone to design a museum that could house, preserve and display a range of the vast selection of Egypt's and the world's ancient treasures.

Irish firm, Heneghan Peng Architects, was declared the winner thanks to their modern designs and construction of this new Egyptian museum quickly got underway. Many tourists have been eager to finally get a look inside so they can explore the plethora of hidden treasures and ancient artefacts housed within the walls of the huge construction. Having now overcome some of the challenges it has faced along the way, almost two decades of work is now on the verge of coming to fruition. The museum is currently preparing to finally open its doors to the public later in 2021.

It is hoped that around five million visitors will pass through the Grand Egyptian museum every year, rejuvenating the Egyptian tourism industry. Khaled el-Enany, the minister of antiquities in Egypt, has said that the GEM is "a gift from Egypt to the whole world." With the rich variety of exhibits on offer, it seems that promise rings true and the GEM is likely to become a must-see attraction once its doors open.

The museum is set to be educational, entertaining, awe-inspiring, and fun for all the family. With so much choice of exhibits on offer, there is something to please every visitor. Whether you want to take a leisurely stroll through the halls of the museum and browse the various exhibits or whether there is a specific era that you are longing to familiarise yourself with, all your historical desires will be satisfied within the walls of this impressive building.

A trip here is ideal for couples wanting to take a dip into Egypt's rich and varied cultural history or holidaymakers who can't resist the poignant experience of seeing these artefacts up close and personally. This museum will enrich your trip to Egypt, especially for families looking for an exciting day out during their holiday in Egypt. Showcasing some of the wondrous sites of the ancient world, the Grand Egyptian Museum is definitely a gem of the modern world.

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