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3 must visit locations in Cairo for history lovers

Egypt’s capital has quickly become a tourist haven in recent years. Cairo is an ever popular location due to its beautiful architecture, good weather and culture. Built in 939 AD, modern day Cairo has been a designated UNESCO World Heritage site since 1979. One of the biggest draws of Cairo for many people is its fantastic history. We take a look at three must-see locations that you need to visit whilst on your Nile river cruise.

Visit the Pyramids of Giza

One of the most famous locations in the whole of Egypt, a trip to the Pyramids of Giza will surely be one of the highlights of your Egypt Nile cruise. Set among the vast Egyptian desert, these tombs were originally designed for the Pharaohs of Egypt, who in their day were considered Gods to the Egyptian people. Among The Seven Wonders of the World, this is an excursion that history lovers can’t miss.

Enjoy a trip to Khan El Khalili Market

A street market in Cairo, this is a fantastic location for you to buy a range of traditional and handmade souvenirs to take home as mementos from your trip. As well as enjoying a traditional Egyptian market, you’ll be taking a step through history. The market place was built by Jawhar-al-Siqilli, as part of his Fatimid Great Eastern Palace, back in 970 AD. It’s located in one of the oldest streets in Cairo and has a stunning gate, which is one of the few original gates left in the city today.

Explore the Egyptian Museum

Egypt is famous for its ancient history, so this is a great way to learn more about the past of this beautiful country. One of the world’s oldest museums, The Egyptian Museum offers a fascinating glimpse into Egypt’s history. The museum is home to over 120,000 artefacts, with a stunning collection of exhibits displaying the items across the building’s two floors. From King Tutankhamun’s tomb to a selection of mummies and displays from Egypt’s different historic periods, you won’t want to miss a trip into Egypt’s past.

Pyramid of Cheops behind Chephren by Jorge Lascar licensed under Creative commons 4

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