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4 must-see attractions along the River Nile

A Nile Cruise is the perfect way to experience the world’s longest river. Spanning 4,258 miles and passing through 11 different countries there are plenty of intriguing attractions to see and visit during your seven-night Nile cruise.

From the busy market of Aswan to the breath-taking Giza Necropolis we’ve put together four must-see attractions and cities on your Egypt cruise holiday:

Aswan Souk

Situated on the East Bank of the Nile, Aswan Souk is a bustling, traditional Egyptian market with lots of stalls and street vendors selling a variety of goods including spices, clothing, dried hibiscus flowers and other African goods. Hidden away in street alleys you’ll find a variety of weird and wonderful souvenirs, but be ready to barter. The street vendors drive a hard bargain and won’t give in too easily.

Tomb of King Tut

This is one of the most iconic sights Egypt has to offer and it’s definitely worth the visit. Located in the Valley Of The Kings, near Luxor on the Nile’s West Bank, the tomb once enclosed some of the most valuable treasures for over 3000 years. A selection of golden masks were found alongside Tutankhamun when the tomb was first discovered back in 1922. Today visitors can view a number of stunning artefacts and famous artwork painted onto the walls of the tomb.

Giza Pyramid Complex

When you think Egypt, you automatically think Pyramids. And the Giza Pyramid Complex is the most famous of them all. West of the River Nile, just outside Cairo, visitors will find the breath-taking Great Pyramids and the Great Sphinx sculpture. It’s a must-see for anyone planning a Nile cruise holiday.


Take time out from your River Nile cruise to visit the jaw-dropping city of Luxor, an open-air museum steeped in history. Home to not one, not two, but six temples so there’s plenty to discover including the Hypostyle Hall that features over 30 towering columns. The Luxor Museum features a remarkable collection of Egyptian antiquities.

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