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Cruising the Nile: Common packing mistakes to avoid

Egypt is a stunning country and a Nile cruise is the perfect way to see all it has to offer. Not only will this allow you to take in the splendour of the Nile itself but also stop off at some fabulous locations along the way. If this is your first trip though, you may not know what the really key items are to bring. Of course, you should always remember the most obvious things like tickets, passport and money but what else will prove invaluable? To make it easier, we have rounded up some of the classic packing mistakes to avoid for your Nile river cruise.

Not packing a hat or suncream

Egypt gets seriously hot in summer but can actually be very warm all year round. With this in mind, do not make the mistake of forgetting your sun protection. A wide-brimmed hat is always wise to keep the sun’s rays off your face and neck. Suncream with a high SPF factor is also worthwhile to protect your body from harsh UV rays.

Not packing sunglasses

As well as protection for your skin, you should also pay attention to protecting your eyes too. The glare given by bright Egyptian sunshine can soon get wearing so do not leave your sunglasses at home. Even in winter months, you will find them useful when you are gazing at the many fantastic sights to see.

Not packing bug protection

Although Nile cruises are relaxing and fabulous experiences, the hot climate can see mosquitoes appear at times. It is therefore advised to pack an insect repellent spray or band you can wear to stop them from bothering you. This is especially true if you find that mosquitos are attracted to you usually.

Not packing clothes to cover up

Although it is more relaxed in Egypt around what tourists can wear when on excursions now, it is usually a good idea to bring some light clothes to cover up with if needed. Even a funky scarf can be enough at some mosques or religious sites to cover your head with. For women especially, it is also worth putting in some loose trousers and cool t-shirts to wear if needs be.

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Now you know what sort of thing to pack, you may feel a cruise down the Nile is something you would love to experience. At Classic Holidays, our Nile cruise trips include custom made itineraries with stops at the most famous places in Egypt, like Luxor. Get in touch today for more details.

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