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Egyptian Tourism Still on Track for Growth in 2015, Classic Holidays Responds

The North African nation believe they will see foreign travellers rise by a fifth compared with last year’s figures with over two million already visiting in the first quarter of 2015. A report on the website of IOL Travel lists the figures, which has prompted a response from Classic Holidays.

Egypt’s tourism industry has shown positive signs in recent months which should result in an increase of foreign visitors according to their government department.

Egyptian Tourist Minister, Khaled Ramy, outlined his department’s aims in appealing to younger travellers: “In the next four-and-a-half years we have to increase by double-digit (percentages) every year. We would like to reposition Luxor, Aswan and the Nile valley as a young and vibrant product – usually if you say cultural tourism you think of people who are 50 plus, but we’d like to change that.”

Revenue for 2014 totalled £4.8 billion and Ramy told a news conference he aims for this to reach £17 billion by 2020. He also said that overall figures for 2016 could surpass the record levels from 2010. Approximately 2.15 million visited the country from January to March, equating to a rise of 6.9 per cent compared to last year.

A spokesperson for Classic Holidays, providers of Nile cruises to Egypt, responded to the predicted figures for 2015. They said: “This beautiful part of the world is quite popular with several British holidaymakers due to the historical significance not just of the pyramids of Ancient Egypt, but a wide range of attractions across the nation.
“It is pleasing to hear how optimistic the Tourist Minister has been recently about projected figures regarding foreign visitors and it would not be surprising to see these targets met or even exceeded. For a personalised holiday in Egypt please contact a member of our team today.” 

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