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Spotlight on El Gouna: new Egypt attractions

When planning a Nile cruise, it’s easy to focus on exotic and famous destinations such as Cairo and Luxor.

However, if you’re checking out Nile cruise holidays, you may well be interested to learn more about a lesser known, but equally exciting stop off point. The stunning resort town of El Gouna.

One of the most fascinating things about El Gouna is how new it is!

Of course Egypt is famed across the globe for its rich history and breathtaking ancient landmarks. However, never under estimate how good the country is at creating fresh tourism offerings.

Nowhere is this displayed with more style and sophistication than El Gouna.

A flawless place to unwind

El Gouna began to take shape only 25 years ago, as a group of visionary business people decided to invest in creating a tourism haven on the west coast of the Red Sea.

It was the perfect spot to create the ultimate in holiday relaxation. Featuring glorious turquoise waters and a stunning mountain landscape, El Gouna has taken maximum advantage of a delightful patchwork of small islands, lagoons, sandy beaches and coral reefs in the area.

It offers everything modern holidaymakers could want

All El Gouna needed to add to its magic was the sort of facilities that modern visitors to Egypt demand. Including a wide range of water sports, beautiful bars and restaurants, and a great selection of shops. And of course plenty of cafes with outside seating to enjoy the view!

You may even catch delightful performances of traditional Egyptian music as you sample local food and beverages.

There are also spas and an 18-hole PGA Championship golf course in El Gouna, and opportunities to explore the desert on quad bikes.

This stunning town also offers plenty of child friendly attractions for families on river Nile cruises. This includes horse trekking, paint balling and a fabulous go-kart track.

For a stay, or a day

It’s easy to see why El Gouna is an increasingly popular holiday destination in its own right. You may want to consider it for a Nile Cruise and Stay option.

However, it’s also a highly memorable experience as a port of call for anyone enjoying an Egypt Nile Cruise.

El Gouna gives you the perfect window into Egypt’s natural beauty, as well as every modern activity and amenity that holidaymakers look for.

El Gouna by zolakoma licensed under Creative commons 4

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