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The serpent of the Nile: Cleopatra

As you plan your luxury Nile cruise, consider that the River Nile remains one of the most fascinating places to explore, not only for its diverse wildlife and fauna but also for its incredible history.

Cleopatra, the enigmatic ruler of Egypt, was one such intriguing figure from history. If the legend of Cleopatra is to be believed, she loved to sail the Nile in her opulent barge. The Egyptian royal barge of Cleopatra was reported to be a 300ft-long floating palace. It was constructed from native cedar and cypress, sumptuously scented with sensory perfumes and decorated with magnificent fabrics and costly jewels. Cleopatra and her barge enthralled and captivated all with its beauty.

A living goddess: The legendary beauty of Cleopatra

Cleopatra was reported to be the most beautiful woman on earth. Her imprint lies across the ancient sites of Egypt, especially in its incredible temples. Cleopatra was a “living goddess” and believed to be the reincarnation of Isis. As you tour the River Nile, you will see the legacy of Cleopatra in the wondrous places you will visit. You will leave towns behind for quieter waters and see what Cleopatra must have seen from her barge: fishermen calmly casting their nets on the shimmering water as herons dart for the same fish, children clamouring and diving along the banks, and goats and donkeys peacefully grazing along the palm-edged banks.

This is beauty indeed. And while the legends of Cleopatra might be debated, the transfixing power of the River Nile is not. Cleopatra knew this and is said to have taken one of her lovers, Caesar, on a river cruise where he was besotted by both her and the Nile.

Enigmatic: Cleopatra and the Nile

Like the diverse and contrasting Nile, Cleopatra was contradictory. Beautiful and glamorous, she was also incredibly intelligent. As a scholar, she spoke several languages and had written books on topics ranging from perfume to gynaecology! Just like the River Nile, Cleopatra was memorable. And as you recline on the deck of your Classic Holiday cruise boat, sipping on a cool and refreshing drink, you cannot fail to feel the enigmatic legacy of this charismatic figure.

Cleopatra by r2hox licensed under Creative commons 4

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