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Where and What to Eat in Cairo

When you ask someone to list the first few things that come into their head about Egypt, it is unlikely that food will spring to mind. But that’s not to say Egypt has limited local delicacies available to try. Why not find out more about their cuisine by sampling something new? This can be explored and experienced in the capital. Cairo is one of the largest cities in all of Africa and the Middle East, so there is ample opportunity to savour different local tastes. There are several popular locations through the city, but what is certain is the choice available, not just for tourists but locals as well.

Some of the more traditional Egyptian foods are well known around the globe, including Britain and other major European nations. However, having these should taste differently to restaurants in the UK as more ingredients are likely to be used in order to produce unique flavours. One of these, perhaps relatively unknown to some is falafel which is commonly found at street vendors. This dish originated in this part of the world and is favoured by some vegans and vegetarians. Falafel can be served as part of an appetiser or meze if you want to use the local phrase.

They are a deep-fried ball consisting of chickpeas and fava beans topped with salad and sauces. Alternatively, the kebab is always an option for lovers of a skewer full of meat and vegetables. This may be a late night meal in Britain but this is a tasty local delicacy in Egypt and Cairo will provide some excellent kebabs. One national dish is ful medames, which is served at breakfast. Fava beans are slow cooked and served with spices along with baladi – Egyptian bread. If you want to eat out then there are plenty of places to go to with some variety that tourists are craving before they sit down and order from a menu. We recommend visiting the Khan el-Khalili Restaurant which is fully air conditioned with lovely food and excellent service. It is located by a market so is the perfect break away from the busy streets for lunch.

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