Nile cruise

Why take a Nile cruise?

The Nile is well known for its beauty, mystery and amazing sights, but do you actually know what you could experience when taking a River Nile cruise?

Experience the atmosphere of the Nile

The benefit of a cruise is that you get to take in the culture, the sights and sounds from the luxury and comfort of your ship as you glide through the waters of the Nile. From your deck, you can spot people going about their daily life, see a variety of birds and wildlife in their natural habitat.

You will experience a range of excursions on your trip, and on these, you’ll be accompanied by a guide who will open up worlds of ancient myths and legends which you can escape into and be amazed by.

Ancient wonders

An obvious choice to visit is the ancient pyramid; the giant Giza pyramid is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and is breathtaking in its size and stature. Stopping here gives you an opportunity to also visit the bustling Capital city of Cairo with its mix of ancient architecture and contemporary modern life.


The beauty of a cruise though is that your adventure doesn’t stop there; so if Cairo doesn’t take your fancy you can sit back, sip a cocktail and wait until your next destination. Luxor Temple is awe-inspiring and dates back to 1100BC. The exotic and delightful can be found in the tourist Souk close to the temple, so grab a souvenir or purchase your own memento of your trip.

Elephantine Island

Take a boat trip to the island which is literally covered in artifacts, spot the Nilometer which was used to measure floods, visit the temples, and soak up the atmosphere created by thousands of years of history.

All of your senses are stimulated on a River Nile cruise; you are constantly experiencing the ancient, the modern and the unusual often all at once!

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