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  1. Hilton Hurghada Plaza - All inclusive - 5*

    Overlooking the Red Sea, the newly renovated Hilton Hurghada Plaza has some truly breath-taking views. Located on a private beach, the resort itself is just three minutes from downtown Hurghada, Egypt.

    Hilton Hurghada Plaza Hotel
  2. Swiss Inn Resort (formerly Hilton)- All Inclusive - 5*

    Located in the heart of the popular resort town of Hurghada, with uninterrupted sea views, this award-winning hotel has everything you need to make your Egyptian vacation a success.

    Swiss Inn Resort Hurghada Night lights view with blue sky
  3. Hurghada Marriott Beach Resort - B&B - 5*

    Hurghada Marriott Red Sea Resort is located in Hurghada on the shore of the sparkling Red Sea near the prestigious Hurghada modern city center and the new Marina.

    Hurghada Marriott Resort building reflecting in the Red Sea at night
  4. Sunrise Holidays Resort - All Inclusive - 5* Adults only

    This Resort is located only 500 meters from downtown. It gives you the relaxing retreat with our private island and will guarantee you an unforgettable atmosphere and the active night life of Hurghada's downtown.

    Sunrise Holidays Resort beachside with blue sea water and relaxing huts
  5. Cleopatra Luxury Resort Makadi Bay - All Inclusive - 5*

    The Cleopatra Luxury Resort Makadi Bay is a spacious and comfortable resort complex. This delicate balance of luxury and comfort makes the resort suitable as a perfect retreat for couples and solo travelers.

    Cleopatra Luxury Resort Makadi Bay
  6. Fort Arabesque Resort, Spa, & Villas - All Inclusive - 5*

    Fort Arabesque Resort, Spa, & Villas promises tranquility and opulence with its 444 luxurious rooms, suites, private apartments and villas.

    poolside night view of Fort Arabesque Resort
  7. Sheraton Soma Bay Resort - B&B/HB/AI - 5*

    South of Hurghada, far enough from the crowded tourist towns, you'll find the breathtaking Sheraton Soma Bay Resort. Imagine blue skies, white sandy beaches, and turquoise water lapping at your feet.

    Sheraton Soma Bay Resort ariel view
  8. Old Palace Resort - Sahl Hasheesh - All Inclusive - 5*

    Tugged behind high Red Desert Mountains , the Resort is within a walking distance from the Old Town and sets right on the 12 KM promenade connecting together the various beach areas on that seemingly endless stretch of white sand.

    Entrance of Old Palace Resort Sahl Hasheesh in Hurghada
  9. Dana Beach Resort - All Inclusive - 5*

    The Dana Beach Resort is ideally located on the golden beaches of Hurghada. Only 15 minutes from Hurghada International Airport the resort is built on an area covering over 181,000 sq. m.

    Golden beach of Dana Beach Resort Hurghada
  10. Jaz Makadi Star & Spa - All Inclusive - 5*

    A bona fide 'oasis within an oasis', "Jaz Makadi Star & Spa" presents the thrill of a Red Sea holiday with the indulgence and comfort of a world-class spa getaway.

    Ariel view of Jaz Makadi Star & Spa Resort
  11. Sunrise Royal Makadi - All Inclusive - 5*

    Sunrise Royal Makadi is located in the heart of Makadi bay. The hotel is built on relaxing landscape, with spectacular avers and fine sand beach for enjoyable vacation.

    Hurghada Sunrise Royal Makadi Entry Point
  12. Sunrise Garden Beach Resort - All Inclusive - 5*

    Welcome to Garden Beach Resort. This elegant 5* All Inclusive resort is placed in between the wonderful garden landscape. The private sandy beach offers relaxing hours directly at the Red Sea.

    a bouquet of white lilies in Sunrise Garden Beach Resort
  13. Sunrise Grand Select Crystal Bay Resort - All Inclusive - 5*

    Strive for the outstanding and experience an unforgettable vacation where luxury and natural beauty meet at SUNRISE Grand Select Crystal Bay Resort.

    luxury suite of Sunrise Grand Select Crystal Bay Resort
  14. Sentido Mamlouk Palace Resort & Spa - All Inclusive - 5*

    Experience the Egyptian hospitality at the SUNRISE Select Mamlouk Palace Resort & Spa with the oriental flair and a special family-friendly atmosphere and hotel facilities.

    Hotel table with Egyptian cuisines and cutlery
  15. Stella Di Mare Beach Resort & Spa - All Inclusive - 5*

    The Stella Di Mare Beach Resort & Spa is located in the prominent Makadi Bay area, on Egypt's beautiful Red Sea Riviera. Makadi is a peaceful bay with many opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving.

    pool at Stella Di Mare Beach Resort in Hurghada

Looking for the perfect holiday destinations in Egypt? Hurghada, Egypt, is a sun-soaked paradise waiting to be explored. With its pristine beaches, vibrant coral reefs, authentic cuisine, and rich culture, our Hurghada holidays in Egypt offer an unforgettable experience. If you're a beach lover, an underwater adventurer, or a culture enthusiast, Hurghada the perfect location. Plan your dream holiday in Hurghada today!

Discover the Pristine Beaches of Hurghada

When it comes to sun, sand, and relaxation, the beaches around our all-inclusive holidays to Hurghada are second to none. With miles of golden sands and crystal-clear waters, all-inclusive holidays to Hurghada provide the ideal setting for a tranquil beach holiday. Whether you want to unwind with a good book under the shade of a palm tree or take a refreshing dip in the Red Sea, Hurghada's beaches offer the perfect escape. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of this coastal paradise and let your worries drift away.

Explore Vibrant Coral Reefs and Marine Life

Hurghada holidays in Egypt are a haven for underwater enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. The Red Sea's coral reefs are renowned for their vibrant colours and diverse marine life. Snorkel or scuba dive your way through this underwater wonderland, and encounter an array of tropical fish, sea turtles, and even dolphins. Holidays in Hurghada's warm waters and stunning coral reefs will leave you in awe of the natural beauty that lies beneath the surface.

Indulge in Authentic Egyptian Cuisine and Culture

Our Hurghada holidays in Egypt can’t be complete without immersing yourself in its rich Egyptian culture and sampling its delicious cuisine. Try authentic Egyptian dishes like koshari, falafel, and shawarma, and indulge in the aromatic flavours and spices that define Egyptian cuisine.

While our Hurghada holidays are all-inclusive, take the chance to explore the bustling local markets, visit ancient temples and mosques, and witness the vibrant traditions of Egypt come to life.

Tips for Planning Your Perfect Hurghada Holiday

Planning a holiday in Hurghada can be an exciting yet overwhelming task. To ensure a seamless and memorable experience in our all-inclusive holidays to Hurghada, here are some useful tips to consider:

  1. Choose the right package - Our Hurghada holidays are all-inclusive and can cater to your specific needs and preferences. These packages often include accommodation, meals, and activities, allowing you to relax and enjoy your vacation without any worries.
  2. Research the best time to visit - Hurghada enjoys a year-round sunny climate, but the peak tourist season is from October to April when the weather is milder. Consider your preferred activities, budget, and crowd preferences when deciding on the best time for your visit.
  3. Pack accordingly - Don't forget to pack essentials like sunscreen, a hat, comfortable beachwear, and a camera to capture your memorable moments. If you plan on diving, bring or rent appropriate gear to make the most of your underwater exploration.
  4. Explore beyond the beach - While the beaches are undoubtedly a highlight, don't miss the opportunity to explore Hurghada's nearby attractions. Try our Luxor holidays, embark on a desert safari, or take a boat tour to Giftun Island for a diverse and well-rounded experience.

We also offer luxury hotels in Cairo and an adventurous Nile cruise for our customers. Get in touch today to book your Egyptian expertise!

Hurghada FAQs

Are there all-inclusive holiday options to Hurghada?

Absolutely! Our holidays to Hurghada packages include a range of all-inclusive offers, ensuring a hassle-free and convenient experience. These packages typically include accommodation, meals, and activities, allowing you to make the most of your holidays in Hurghada.

What is the best time to visit Hurghada?

Hurghada enjoys a year-round sunny climate, but the peak tourist season is from October to April when the weather is milder. However, Hurghada is a popular destination throughout the year due to its warm temperatures and stunning beaches.

Can I go diving in Hurghada as a beginner?

Yes! When you holiday in Hurghada, you can find diving opportunities for both beginners and experienced divers. There are numerous dive centers that provide training courses for beginners, allowing you to explore the mesmerising underwater world with confidence.

Are there attractions to visit beyond the beach in Hurghada?

Absolutely! Hurghada offers a range of attractions beyond its beautiful beaches. Explore ancient temples in Luxor, visit the Great Pyramids in Cairo, embark on a desert safari, or take a boat trip to Giftun Island for snorkeling or relaxation.

Is Hurghada a family-friendly destination?

Yes, Hurghada is a family-friendly destination with plenty of activities and attractions suitable for all ages. From beach fun to water sports, cultural experiences, and even camel rides, there's something to keep everyone entertained.