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6 must-read blogs for people planning a Nile Cruise

Read through anyone’s bucketlist and it’s likely you’ll see ‘take a cruise on the River Nile’ somewhere near the top. For many people, this is the holiday of a lifetime – meaning there’ll be weeks or even months of getting excited and researching what they can expect.

Our blog is chock-full of useful tips for cruises on the River Nile (it is what we do, after all), so we’ve collected some of our greatest hits to help you prepare for the holiday of a lifetime.

Blog posts for history and culture buffs

The pyramids, Rosetta Stone, and some of the oldest examples of human civilisation in the world: Egypt has it all. Brush up on Egypt’s major historical facts here: http://blog.classicholidays.co.uk/five-things-the-river-nile-is-famous-for/

Cleopatra, the enigmatic ruler of ancient Egypt and ‘most beautiful woman in the world’, loved to sail down the Nile in her opulent barge. Take some tips from the ‘living goddess’ and her luxurious lifestyle here: http://blog.classicholidays.co.uk/the-serpent-of-the-nile-cleopatra/

Learning Arabic might seem like a bit of a pipedream, but the basic phrases are surprisingly simple. We’ve collected your must-know phrases and written them out in an easy-to-understand format here. The locals will love you. Start learning here: http://blog.classicholidays.co.uk/arabic-made-simple-the-first-timers-guide-to-speaking-arabic-in-egypt/

Blog posts for planning a Nile itinerary

You’ll definitely want to plan your day in Cairo before you get there. This is a big, sprawling city; not one you can simply wander around and expect to see everything. Our blog post on ‘how to spend 12 hours in Cairo’ gives you exact prices, locations and a whistle-stop of the must-sees. Take a read here: http://blog.classicholidays.co.uk/how-to-spend-12-hours-in-cairo/

From the bustling Aswan Souk to the jaw-dropping Giza Necropolis, we’ve collected four attractions and cities you can’t miss on your Egyptian cruise. Start planning here: http://blog.classicholidays.co.uk/4-must-see-attractions-along-the-river-nile/

Blog posts for getting excited

Passport? Check. But once you’ve written your packing list, it’s best to check it against our essential Egypt packing guide: http://blog.classicholidays.co.uk/essentials-to-pack-for-your-trip-to-egypt/

Not sure what movie to watch tonight? The ancient country of Egypt has inspired much more than just Agatha Christie’s famous ‘Death of the Nile’ thriller novel. Take your pick of movies based in Egypt here: http://blog.classicholidays.co.uk/top-3-films-to-get-you-in-the-mood-for-your-nile-cruise/

And if you’re more of a bookworm than film buff, this list of Nile-inspired literature is for you: http://blog.classicholidays.co.uk/4-books-to-inspire-you-before-your-egyptian-holiday/

With all of this content to help you plan your Nile river cruise, it’s time to start planning. Enjoy your trip!

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